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1. For Sewage and Drainage System 

Over last 40 years, Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) HDPE plastic pipes are used all over the world as a standard in efficient sewage and drainage systems. DWC is a pipe of the finest quality for non-pressure underground sewerage, drainage and cross drainage (pipe culvert) purposes.

These pipes will help municipalities, urban conglomerates and industries manage their waste water and rain water very efficiently. Such a system will not only protect the environment but also your investments. Once installed, the pipes are maintenance free and will lie underground for years.


Features :

  • No leaks, no cracks and no damage to environment and soil.
  • Pipe laying does not disturb urban clusters.
  • Service life of over 100 years.
  • Uses minimal material for equal strength.
  • Uses fewer manpower and can be installed in very constrained locations.
  • Chemically inert to waste water ingredients and 'crown corrosion'.
  • It is non-existent.

2. For Protective Casing

The Double Wall Construction (DWC) pipes have unique construction. Being light-weight, it gives excellent mechanical properties like high ring stiffness, better impact strength and superior crush resistance. The smooth inner wall facilitates easy insertion of ducts and cables.

These pipes have the ability to withstand heavy external loads when properly buried and back filled. Hence, it is ideally suited for usage as jacket/casing duct in those environments where direct placement of ducts and cables is not safe and easy.  


Features :

  • Much longer life as compared to GI, RCC and PVC Pipe.
  • Light weight and therefore easy to transport, handle and install.
  • Ability to take heavy loads due to good mechanical properties.
  • Chemically insert and hence suitable for use in saline/coastal areas.
  • No sharp edges and so safe for duct/cable installation.
  • Flexible to take bends and curves around obstacles.

Application :

  • Protection for Ducts/Cables.
  • Replacement of GI/RCC/PVC pipes across railway, road crossing, culverts.