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V-wire screen is better alternative of slotted pipe for tube wells. It is fabricated in pipe form with continuous slots made of V-wire which allow more water to enter in tube well. Its purpose is for improving pumping efficiency by maximising water flow rate into the well.

V-wire screens are made by welding V-shaped wire on support rods, creating slots which enlarge inwardly, meeting the most demanding standards for ruggedness, durability, consistency and slot openings. The V-shaped opening allows only two contact points with the particles, thus preventing any risk of clogging. Each project is custom designed and engineered to ensure complete satisfaction.  

The continuous V-wire slot design allows for lower entrance velocity of the water by reducing encrustation rates. The slot design also resists plugging and prevents sand from damaging pumps and reducing pumping cost. The high open area of the V-Wire well screen allows for water to enter the well freely, resulting in minimal drawdown and less energy usage by a pump. V-Wire technology and welded construction help to prevent well screen failure by better controlling of the sand.

Advantage :

  • Non-clogging slot
  • Large percentage open area
  • Continuous slots

Application :

  • Tube wells